march 31, 2020
New picture of Omega, new video and pictures of the Dream Team

march 24, 2020
New video and pictures of the Dream Team week 2, new picture of Emyr and Thorin

march 18, 2020
Nikè passed SIFD level 3 (scent imprint)

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march 17, 2020
New picture of Ximba, Xemm, Xavi and pictures of Dream Team litter first week

march 10, 2020
Puppy's of Whisper and Owen are born: 4 males and 4 females

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february 28, 2020
New pictures of Wizard, Indian Red, Red Flame, Red Blaze, Idovah and Scarlet Red
So nice that every-one sends us pictures and let us know how they are doing.

february 10, 2020
New picture of Ravi, Rico, Yamai and Razou

february 6, 2020
Echo: Whisper is pregnant

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january 29, 2020
New pictures of Emyr, Nikè, Idovah, Niamh

january 25, 2020
Winter walk was so nice! Thank you all.

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