july 1, 2019
Nikè passed the detection SIFD level 1 exam
New pictures of Micah and Vaya

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june 22, 2019
Emyr passed EGG-B exam
New pictures of Xando, Vega and Nadine

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june 15, 2019
BCHN Belgian Shepherd show:
Wizard 3Exc champion class
Whisper 1Exc champion class

New picture of Zephyr

Dutch Champion

june 9, 2019
Pinkstershow Int. dogshow, Venray: Scarlet Red 1Exc open class CAC/CACIB and BOB.
She now is official Dutch Champion exterieur

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june 7, 2019
New picture of Ravi

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june 3, 2019
New picture of Niamh, Emyr, Phoenix, Xadé, Nikè and Nouba

may 26, 2019
KCM Belgian Shepherd show NVBH:
Red Flame, 1Exc open class females
Wizard 1Exc breeder class males, RCAC

New picture of Vasco and Red Flame

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may 15, 2019
New picture of Idovah, Wahya, Vedra, Micah, Phantom, Ytho and Yuma

april 25, 2019
New picture of Scarlet Red, Uraz, Idovah, Xavi, Qyono and Zephyr

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