march 15, 2019
New picture of Idovah, Xemm

march 1, 2019
New picture of Red Sky, Red Blaze, Red Flame, Scarlet Red, Nikè and Zephyr

february 22, 2019
New picture of Emyr, Xando, Niamh and Yaro

february 12, 2019
New picture of Zillah, Yamai, Omega and Noa

february 1, 2019
Dogshow Eindhoven: Scarlet Red 1U intermediair class, CAC, CACIB, BOS

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january 30, 2019
Nikè passed obedience exam VEG
New picture of Emyr, Idovah, Niamh and Nikè

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january 26, 2019
Winterwalk was great. Thanks every-one!
New picture of Zeno, Zinzi, Yvar, Viënto, Magenta, Scarlet Red, Red Blaze, Razou, Venja, Vince, Xenzi and Zyano

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january 22, 2019
New picture of Idovah, Magenta, Micah, Nikè, Xadé and Wizard Raven

january 5, 2019
New picture of Nikè, Ula and Pepper

december 31, 2018
New picture of Nouba, Zinzi, Rebel, Emyr, Niamh and Red Blaze

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