september 22, 2018
Young dog obedience certificate Emyr
New picture of Topaz

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september 15, 2018
Belgian Shepherd show BSB e.V, Germany:
Wizard 1Exc champion class, best male for CAC
Whisper 1Exc champion class, best bitch for CAC, BOS
New picture of Nadine, Wizard Raven, several new pictures of Wizard and Whisper

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september 12, 2018
Official result hips: Scarlet Red HD A
Niamh passed good citizen dog
New picture of Scarlet Red, Xadé, Sauvage and Ulan

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september 7, 2018
New pictures of Ulmo, Pasco, Terra and Indian Red

august 31, 2018
New picture of Niamh, Yamai, Wizard Jafar, Xoran, Red Blaze, Zakai, Scarlet Red, Razou and Nikè

august 25, 2018
New picture of Tycoon, Topaz, Omega, Zimba, Emyr, Xando and O'Niño

august 19, 2018
Sad by the message that Nissa has passed away, we would like to wish Onno, Saskia, Jasmijne, Lisanne and Ruben lots of strength and many happy memories. We are glad that Nissa was a part of your loving family.

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augustus 21, 2018
Ulani has passed away. To early we had to say goodbye from a wonderful sweet girl, who never lost sight of her family
Ulani R.I.P my dear, your paw-print will be in my heart forever.
Jan and Rieky, lots of strength and cherish the precious memories

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august 18, 2018
New picture of Zephyr, Ulmo and Vince

august 8, 2018
New picture of Emyr, Idovah, Nouba, Xadé, Witch Ygritte and Micah

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