september 20, 2017
New picture of Zappa

september 2, 2017
Scarlet Red passed the FCI NHAT (Natural Herding Aptitude Test)

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august 30, 2017
New picture of Yzzi, Red Blaze, Indian Red, Red Devil, Red Flame and Scarlet Red
New pictures and video of W & W litter.

augustus 23, 2017
New pictures and video of W & W litter.
New picture of Topaz

august 18, 2017
Indian Red receives puppy-certificate

august 9, 2017
New picture of Red Blaze and Red Flame
The first faces pictures of the W & W litter

july 29, 2017
Red Blaze recives puppy-certificate
New picture of Indian Red, Scarlet Red and Red Devil

july 27, 2017
Yesterday the puppy's (5 males and 2 bitches) from Xadé and Wizard were born

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july 24, 2017
New picture of Zeno

july 22, 2017
Puppy-certificate for Red Flame, she ended the last puppy lesson.

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