Vandaag kreeg ik het bericht Yuma gestorven is. We wisten dat hij een aantal weken geleden het vonnis maagtumor heeft gekregen en dan is de levensverwachting niet zolang meer. Zo verdrietig, veel te jong. Prachtige jongen met een geweldig vermogen om te speuren. Hij was zo gewenst en zoveel samen gedaan maar wat hadden ze nog graag veel meer tijd samen gehad. Masser af styrke Søren og Søs

Yesterday afternoon we said goodbye to Yuma.
The evening before, he became very ill after eating a small portion of food. He started throwing up the food and continued without anything coming up. He had great discomfort and he seemed anxious and insecure. Suddenly he almost looked like himself and he asked for an evening walk which continued as usual. We had contacted the vet hospital when he just felt so bad but canceled it.
Yuma slept well at night, and the morning walk was normal as in the recent period. When he was subsequently offered a small amount of food, it was clear that his stomach immediately responded and he vomited the food immediately. He started to get in the same condition as the evening before. When we saw that he was no longer able to consume food, we decided that he must now have peace. We made the hardest decision that it was time to say goodbye to Yuma.
The last week we have been in the cottage where we and Yuma have had such a great time together. But Yuma has lost weight and did not have the same strength, and got tired after walks. He lost his straightness and appeared like a much older dog.
It’s so sad, so sad, we miss him. The house is empty and so many things remind us of our sweet Yuma. Yuma has been so close to us in our daily life. We will miss his beautiful face with his intense attentive gaze, always ready for new tasks.
You gave us an amazing dog, the most beautiful tervueren and with a formidable nose.
Yuma will always be in our hearts, and we will think back on all the experiences and acquaintances that have been created because of him.

Søren og Søs

18 thoughts on “Yuma”

  1. Søren en Søs,
    Heel veel sterkte met het overlijden van Yuma. Wat is het soms toch oneerlijk allemaal. We denken aan jullie.

  2. What a sad, sad news… I am so sorry for your loss. You did the best one can do. My condolences.

  3. I am so sorry for you. Your loss is so great because your love is so strong. May the memories you shared, comfort you. Big hug.

  4. Søren and Søs, first of all we are very sorry to hear that Yuma had this terrible disease. We wish you all the strength to cope with your loss and we hope the good memories will remain and help you to remember this beautiful friend on 4 legs with his outstanding nose!

  5. Dear Sos and Soren, what a shock !!! Bep and i are sorrowful and we wish you both strength with this terrible lost. We still enjoy the vacation in Denmark and the hospitality from you both. {Ytho }, Ydo, and Yuma where not big friends but it was nice to see you all.

    We wish you both all the best stay healthy and strong.

    Chris, Bep and Ydo.

  6. My condolences. It so difficult to say goodbye to such a good friend and part of your household. It is always too soon. Moreover this disease is terrible. Now you will have to do with the beautiful memories. Stay strong.

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