Yuma, FPr3

Yesterday Yuma passed his FPr3 exam. In Dutch it is called speurhond 3 examen.

Yuma his owner Søs and is also his handler told us: We tried again today. FPR3 with 82 points 🙂 Yuma made a very good track. He got a very good critique. Unfortunately Yuma had two errors which drew many point. He is always nervous at the first items. Today he picked up the items for me. It was minus 7 points. On the last Long side, Yuma walks with a very high nose and gets only quite a few point. But he was really good. 

Tillykky! Din vedholdenhed er blevet belønnet. Fantastisk at det fungerede. That Yuma made some mistakes is no problem, he still is good enough, that’s obvious.
Great team you two! Proud breeder, big hug from mum Venja.

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