Levy Sam

As the youngest one in his home, he was standing up nicely between the girls and the at that moment strict rouling old Max. He had stolen the heart of his ladyboss and enjoyed all the attention he could get. Sam did have two passions, running beside the bicycle and fetching balls. Even in the middle of the night. Later on a thirth girl joint his pack and Sam liked her very much.


Pedigree name
Levy Sam Cartouche de Conte de Fée
Arrash of Sundown Dancers
Cartouche Ayscha de Conte de Fée
Birth date
Health results
HD A, norberg value 40,
no bone deviations

 Diplomas and titles

Obedience: EG - VEG
Workingtest: UV

selection pE (NVBH)

 Show results

Best dog tervuerenpuppy's, NVBH junior dogshow 2003
3Exc. junior class NVBH show 2004
Exc.+ open class NVBH show 2005
RCAC/RCACIB Maastricht 2005
CAC/CACIB Leiden 2006
RCAC/RCACIB Hulten 2006
CAC Almere 2006
RCAC/RCACIB Rotterdam 2006
CAC/CACIB/BOB Maastricht 2006
CAC/CACIB/BOB Utrecht 2006
In october 2006 he became Dutch Champion
Jubileumshow Bundessiegershow and
Jahrhundert-Siegershow 2006 Dortmund
1Exc., best dog, VDH, CAC/CACIB and VDH Bundessieger 2006 Jahrhundert-Siegershow: 2EXc., res.VDH
Winnershow 2006, Amsterdam
best dog, CAC/CACIB, Winner 2006
Int. show Luxembourg march 2007 RCACL
VDH-Europasiegershow Dortmund may 2007
VDH Championclass
Worldchampionship Belgian Shepherds, Le Touquet-France 2007
3Exc. Championclass , CSAU (Exc.) and TAN
VDH-Bundessiegershow Dortmund oct 2007
VDH Championsclass, CAC/CACIB, best dog,VDH Bundessieger 2006
He now is German Champion
Int. show Luxembourg march 2008:
CACL Championsclass
Hij now also is Luxembourg Champion
Show Wieze (België) march 2009
1Exc Championsclass, CAC, BOB, Best Belgian Shepherd, titel Hopking.
Int. show Namen (België) mei 2009
1Exc Championsclass, CAC/CACIB
He now is International Show Champion