The beginning of our great passion.

Our first bitch:

Nady v. ‘t Herent

In 1989 we started our kennel with this bitch. From her first litter we kept her daughter Ayscha.






They like to walk long distances, obedience is fun but agility is great.

Tervueren like to “sport”, they can particepate in obedience, agility or longdistance running.









We find it very important that our puppy’s can develope their curiosity and discover new things.

Our puppy’s are used to the normal daily sounds and things that living with a family brings. They are born in the house and stay there until they go to their new family. They have plenty of space, inside and outside, to play, run ,dig, to live the live of a healthy dog.







Good health and character is the most important issue.

A Tervueren learns quickly nice things, but also less good things. He is very sensitive about impressions from outside and that is the reason he needs to be raised friendly but consequent. A Tervueren needs to have time and space to grow up. Patience and good guidance are very important to get a nice, happy and social dog.
The Tervueren is very alert, reacts immediately on his environment. The real lover enjoys those characterqualities but not everyone gets excited when a dog follows them constantly where ever they go or when they do not pay attention. He then already plans his next move. He needs a lot of exercise and distraction but prefers to do that together with his “family”. A Tervueren is a familydog and wants to be part of everything you do.
When you decide to become friends with a Tervueren you create a second shadow.