Whisper. I just could not let her go.
Mother of the Simply Red-litter and the Dream Team


Pedigree name
Whisper Razou de Conte de Fée
Fantome du Bois du Tot
Razou Magenta de Conte de Fée
Birth date
Health results
HD A, norberg value 36,
no bone deviations

 Diplomas and titles


Breakstone/ruin searching: basic 1

selection NVBH, pE
Dutch Champion
Frühjahrssieger 2016
selection BHCN, Se
C.I.E. International Show Champion
German Champion

 Show results

BHCN young dogs show april 2014: best bitch tervueren puppies
Belg. Shepherds dogshow NVBH may 2014, Netherlands: 2VP puppy class
Belgium, Lokerse Winner juli 2014: junior class 2VG and BIS duo-class
Belgium junior dogs show august 2014: 1 Exc, best junior bitch tervueren
Belg. Shepherds dogshow BHCN 2014, Netherlands: junior class 4Exc.
NVBH junior dogs show october 2014:
junior class 2Exc
Bleiswijk, Netherlands november 2014: junior class 3VG
Amsterdam, Holland Cup, december 2014: junior class 1Exc CAC
Amsterdam Winner, december 2014: junior class 1 Exc, Junior Winster
Arnhem may, 2015: intermediate class 1Exc RCAC/RCACIB
Belg. Shepherd speciale NVBH 2015: breeders class, 4U, selection U+
Oss june 2015: intermediate class 1Exc RCAC/RCACIB
Belgium, Lokerse Winner juli 2015: intermediate class 1Exc, RCAC
Rotterdam, Netherlands july 25, 2015: intermediate class 1Exc CAC/CACIB
Rotterdam, Netherlands july 26, 2015: intermediate class 1Exc CAC/CACIB, BOB
Belg. Shepherds dogshow BHCN 2015, Netherlands: intermediate class 2Exc.
Germany, Dortmund, Bundessiegershow, october 2015: open class 3Exc
Cuijk, Netherlands december 2015: open class 1Exc. CAC/CACIB
She now is Dutch Champion
Luxembourg, Internationale show, march 2016: champion class 3Exc
Belgium, Genk, april 2016: champion class 1Exc CAC
Germany, Dortmund, Europasiegershow, may 2016: champion class 2Exc
Germany, Dortmund, International show, may 2016: champion class 1Exc CAC/CACIB, best bitch and BOB, Frühjahrssieger 2016
Belg. Shepherd speciale NVBH 2016: champion class 1Exc
Belg. Shepherds dogshow BHCN 2016: champion class 2Exc, selection Exc+ (Se)
Belgium, Liége, july 2016: champion class 1Exc RCAC/RCACIB
Germany, Belg. Shepherd dogshow BSB, sept. 2016: champion class, 2Exc
Germany, Dortmund, International show, oct 2016: champion class 2Exc
Belgium, Leuven Lovaniumtrophy, oct. 2016: champion class 2Exc, RCAC/RCACIB
She now is C.I.E. International Show Champion
Germany, Christmasshow DKBS dec 2017: champion class 1Exc
She now is German Champion
Belgium, Weelde, jan. 2018: champion class 2Exc
Germany, Gelsenkirchen, breed-special BSB sept 2018: champion class 1Exc, CAC and BOS
Belg. Shepherds dogshow BHCN 2019: champion class 1Exc