Xadé, derived from Sadé, meaning crowned. She is a little princess. Happy, knows what she wants, fits perfect in a group but can also be independent.
Mother of the Wizards&Witches-litter


Pedigree name
Xadé Phoenix de Conte de Fée
Grimmendans Gabor
Phoenix Kayenne de Conte de Fée
Birth date
Health results
HD A, norberg value 38,
no bone deviations

 Diplomas and titles


Lokerse Junior Winner 2015
Bundessieger 2016

 Show results

Belgium, Lokerse Winner juli 2014, : babyclass 2VP
Belgium, junior dog show august 2014:
babyclass 2VP
Belg. Shepherds dogshow BHCN 2014, Netherlands: babyclass 1VP and best Tervueren baby
NVBH junior dogshow october 2014:
puppyclass VP
Goes april 4, 2015: junior class 2VG
Goes april 5, 2015: junior class 1Exc
Arnhem may, 2015: junior class 1Exc
Belg. Shepherd dogshow NVBH may 2015: junior class 4Exc
Oss june 2015: junior class 2Exc
Belgium, Lokerse Winner july 2015, : junior class 1Exc, Juniorwinner
Rotterdam july 25, 2015: junior class 2VG
Amsterdam, Holland Cup, december 2015: intermediair class 1Exc. CAC/CACIB
Germany, Belg. Shepherd dogshow BSB, sept. 2016: open class, 1Exc, RCAC
Zwolle, Hanzeshow, october 2016: open class 1Exc, CAC/CACIB
Germany, Dortmund, Bundessiegershow oct. 2016: open class 1Exc, CAC/CACIB, BOS, Bundessieger 2016
Amsterdam, Holland Cup, december 2016: open class 2Exc, RCACIB
Gorinchem, Christmas show, december 2016: open class 1Exc, CAC/CACIB
Oss, may 2017: open class 2Exc
Belgium, Lommel, june 2017: open class 1Exc, CAC, BOS
Dogshow Utrecht, april 2018: open class 3Exc
Pinkstershow Arnhem may 2018: open class 1Exc, RCAC, CACIB
Tilburg, Int. dogshow De Baronie, june 2018: open class 2Exc
Venray, Christmas show dec 2018: open class 2VG